Film: Millions March NYC by Yozmine Modeste and Chinwe Oniah

My close friends Yozmine and Chinwe documented their time marching at the Millions March NYC back in December. Here is what they captured, ENJOY! 

We interviewed fellow New Yorker's and their reaction to the murder of Eric Garner and their thoughts on the U.S. Justice system.

Promoting social justice is our responsibility as human beings. It is important to keep in mind that our voices matter. We speak to be heard, to educate, to create awareness and hopefully turn that awareness into action. A close friend and I decided to put together a project. This project is just the beginning of our action and those who were so kind to be apart of this project are voices that matter. They are the voices of America. I hope you hear them, I hope you learn something, I hope you see what was once never there, and I hope you do (take action). Lets promote social justice for all. Please share!!! :D

Click here to view on Youtube!