The Friend Zone Podcast: It’s Okay To Log Off

Stumbled upon my new favorite podcast! Didn't really stumble lol, because I follow everything HeyFranHey does religiously (jk).

This podcast features Dustin, Assanta and HeyFranHey and was a positive alternative to the podcasts I see all over my timeline. This Wednesday’s theme was “Logging Off” whether it is logging of the internet, negative friends and relationships, etc.

One of the topics I wanted to touch a little bit on was mental health and social media. Specifically the Black Lives Matters movement, police brutality, and what has been going on in the news lately. TIRED, is the best way to explain how I feel waking up every morning and seeing another hashtag of a life lost due to the hands of the police.  It is draining seeing the news coverage, negativity on the Internet, and sometimes from those around you. And like the theme of the podcast, it is ok to log off, clear your mind, focus on you because the topic of death even if it wasn't someone close to you is draining. 

It is very much so needed to shut off the noise of the outside world around you and focus on yourself to protect your mental health. But cheers to those who are day to day fighting the good fight. I know personally a lot of things I see on the internet affect me personally and heighten my anxiety and stress. So logging off is much needed in my life.