My Latest Peak into New York Fashion Week with Telfar

I thought I was going to be behind the scenes at the Telfar SS16 Fashion show at Milk Studios, but I was actually all in the mix. Set up was pretty quick, and working guest check-in was a breeze. Snuck my way into the show and squeezed past a few people and landed a prime spot behind two tall people lol. By luck, I was able to squeeze my camera in-between these two tall people and take some photos, a live Periscope and SnapChats of the models. Check them out below. 

Whats a New York Fashion Show without a wild afterparty? Well, Telflar's afterparty takes the cake and White Castle was the location. Ya I said WHITE CASTLE! 

Thank you to my boss Berrin Noorata and Mr. Telfar Clemens for the awesome night! 

Camera Use: iPhone 5C & Pentax IQZoom 140