My Favorite Etsy Finds of the Week

Etsy is one website I can browse and explore all day long without getting bored. Like Ebay, you can practically find anything you want or get anything customized. From jewelry, to vintage sportswear, paintings, and beyond. If you're looking for it, there is someone who is selling it or a creative making it. 

Below are my top four finds of the week, and I must say these pages are top notch. 

1. Ascrochets - Crochet by Angie 

I've been browsing Angie's Etsy page for a few years now, and I must say she makes beautiful crochet tops. Summer is winding down, so I guess I'll wait till next summer to make that purchase. 


2. KJNaturals

Now this Etsy page is perfect for my natural haired ladies or lovers of all these organic. KJNaturals, ran by Katrina Josey a wellness specialist, instructor and counselor, for obvious reasons made my list. She makes organic soaps, conditioners, curly custards, oils and more. The product junkie in my wants to buy it all, but I'm going to chill. 


3. Marcus Poston 

I'm low-key obsessed with neon light signs so Marcus' page was added to this list. Located in NYC (need to find him!) this awesome creative can design and customize anything your heart desires, specializing in neon and wood. When I get my money up I am definitely going to get a teal or purple DeexDee sign! 



4. Don Biu Silver 

Fell in love with the colors and the stones that Don Biu Silver used to craft such timeless jewelry. I know all of my friends would adore their work. I'm actually allergic to a lot of metals used to make jewelry so I have to be very careful in what I purchase. But I will definitely recommend this line to everyone. 

Instagram: DONBIU