Julissa A. Rodriguez: Art By Jar, Art Drop

"My goal with my art has always been to inspire & create beautiful images. With these art drops, not only do I get to bring joy & inspiration to people but, I also get to give them free gifts. I feel that everyone should definitely have the opportunity to own art pieces & not be limited because of money." - Julissa

"As a human being, self-doubt is inevitable & it is a feeling I know all too well. I've felt disconnected from myself & my art for quite a while now. At the same time, I've grown tired of comparing myself to the unauthentic lifestyles I see on the internet everyday. I tend to forget to give myself credit, to forget that I am not just one thing or another. I am more than a photographer, videographer, more than a pretty woman, more than a selfie, more than whatever your perception of me is. Filming & editing this project has helped me regain pride in my work. It has reminded me of my purpose, my goals, my future —why I am who I am. With that being said, it brings me joy to have captured something this special." - Allie

I wanted to share this because all of these feelings Allie expressed in her statement are usually running rampant through my never ending thoughts. I'm sure everyone has felt this way once in a while.  Thank you Allie for sharing your feelings and congratulations on an awesome video showcasing Julissa's art. I do not know these two ladies personally (been following Allie on instagram though lol) but I love sharing stories that people can connect to. Much success to Allie and Julissa