#ShotbyDee 2016 Best Photos

2016 was an amazing year for me photography wise. It was the year I decided to take my photography serious. Serious, as in professionally. In the past I was just the annoying girl who always had her camera with her 24/7. I took photos of any and everything.

The photoshoot I did with Nia of Creative Smart Girl was the catalyst of my change of heart. Seeing my photos on her website as she launched her brand was one of the coolest moments ever of 2016 (ya I cried a little). 

I also want to shoutout Ms. Rellie Relz! I had been following her on Tumblr for quite a while, connected with her on twitter because I was pressed to shoot her. After that shoot, more than half of the people I linked up with were word-of-mouth connections through her. SHE KNOWS EVERYONE lol. So I would like to thank her for connecting me with so many cool people who have now turned into amazing friends. 

I really don't like to talk about my work in too much detail. Just know that I am going to kill 2017. More colors, more women, more features, magazine spreads, ALL UH DAT. 

But first, check out my photos that I shot in 2016.