GIRL TALK: At Home Hair Color Experiences #ColorConfidently

A part of my 2017 "to do" list is to be more in front of the camera. Yes, I am a photographer but I do HATE having my photo taken. I am pretty camera shy and prefer to be behind the lens. But, this fear needs to go away if I ever want to fully brand myself as an influencer LOL. One day I'll have one of my photographer friends take my photos (emphasis on one day). 

Had the pleasure of working with Youtube star Taren Guy  and Clairol on a series about at home hair color experiences. Now that I have chopped all my hair off, I feel that I have more freedom to color my hair in any type of way. The ease of being bald and shaving it all off again if I don't like the color lol. 

In the video I discuss how I feel about coloring my own hair and the drama I went through when I got my hair dyed from a professional. You even get a sneak peek of my current color and dye process . Check it out below!

Also, let me know what hair color I should do next...