Why I Stopped Eating Dairy Products

To be completely honest, this tweet by HeyFranHey (Francheska) is the reason why I stopped eating dairy. 

No Milk

I naturally have a slim, athlete figure (genetics), but my stomach has always been my problem area. I bloat like crazy and all my weight goes straight to the belly (and my face -_-). Obviously my metabolism slowed down because I used to be able to eat whatever the hell I wanted and my stomach would be wash board flat. But, during those times I was heavily active in sports with rigorous training, which I'm not doing now. Unfortunately since I graduated college my motivation to hit the gym has been on and off. 

No Cheese

So back to my belly and HeyFranHey. It was Q&A time and someone also asked how her waist stays so tiny. One of the answers like the tweet above was NO DAIRY ( + healthy diet, exercise etc). I told myself if Fran doesn't consume dairy then I'm not going to eat dairy, because she has the body of a goddess. 

It is hard! I used to put extra cheese on everything and eat yogurt or a cream cheese bagel for breakfast + ice cream at night. The cravings have been stronger than ever and I have been slipping up and this is why I am writing this post. 

No Dairy

Bloating, bloating bloating. Whenever I would eat even the smallest meal, I would bloat and look at least 4 months pregnant. To the point where I would have to unbutton my pants because my stomach was going to burst out of my jeans. Taking dairy out of my diet has caused my bloating to decrease significantly. I can eat in peace without feeling stuffed in my clothes. My friend Seyi (InFashionITrust) recently cut down her ice cream intake (LOL), and also has seen a decline in bloating. Now I am telling the world to quit consuming dairy. I could get all big words, healthy and scientific as to why you should't consume dairy but you can google.com all that information. 

Results of my non-dairy (almost) eating lifestyle

- no crazy bloating

- slimmer stomach 

- easy digestion of food 

- clearer skin (until I slip up) 

No Ice Cream

But these cravings, boy these cravings. Every time I have an unhealthy cheat day and eat cheese, the next day I break out. Like clockwork, dairy is the devil!

Taking anything out of your diet that you used to consume heavily on the daily will be difficult. But stick with it, and always research, ask around, of trial and error to see what works for YOU! 

Oh and follow HeyFranHey she is the queen of healthy and positive living and I will forever be thankful for her.